A Guns of Boom is a shooter video game dispersed by game insight whose engine depends on the superb unity game engine. Being extremely famous shooter games, you can’t miss them in bigger stores for Smartphone devices such Android and iOS. For this reason, we want to talk about Guns of Boom, as I consider it a shooting game that we’d all know. Either to maintain a value or only to kill leisure.


The visuals in each game are a very vital factor today. The Guns of Booms (GOB) has extremely intuitive graphics without dedication to the exact audience. Although the game doesn’t have a super quality advanced visual quality, it has an amazing level of animatronics to appreciate as we play. The sharpness of the graphics of GOB is oriented fun, cartoon, and comedy with a touch of reality. Though it has realistic game maps. Maybe it’s not a bad game as-far-as some graphics are concerned since some aspects such as grenades and shots can’t be visualized easily. Though the most interesting thing about the GOB is that it can be played on cell-phones with few resources.

If we rely on seeing blood to say that a game is a quality, GOB is not for us. Since at the height of realistic such as fire, shields and blood are not well. Although the game was released a few years ago and they might make updates which enhance these aspects. Bbut without them you can also enjoy an amazing video game. At the level of menu and interface, if you’ve a graphics organization clear and understandable, this is the key point in favor of GOB. Since there’re video games where we all go crazy looking for choices and never find them. In this side game if it has a few very friendly interface level visuals.


The teams are perhaps the most vital element of the game because we’ve high-end objects. We’d get to destroy our opponents much more simply than with objects of the lower range. In Guns of Booms, there’s not so wide range of guns, though if they satisfy the requirement of several users according to the kind of gun they like to apply in games. Each-one with diff damage and gameplay, though with a fine administration everyone could be our ideal gun to kill our opponents. The armories are divided into shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, pistols, knives, submachine guns.

At the level of 2nd objects and useful fight, this game lapses a little because it requires much more range in this matter. Since it just has one healing grenade and an object that makes the video game a bit less interesting in this side. Although according to officials, improvements will be placed in this aspects.

guns of boom


GOB doesn’t have a wide range of maps, and in fact, the first maps added to the game turned-out to be a little boring. Recently they’ve been adding superior maps, due to the need of players. See enhancements and get to make the video game entertaining and spacious. The range of maps is a basic aspect of any video game since then we’ll find more range; playing forever in the similar atmosphere normally turns out to be something boring. At the moment the mixture of maps with that game guns of boom counts is oriented to the atmosphere of USA, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.


The most interesting part of the shooting game is its gameplay. For that fact I think that GOB has top class game play. There’re many reasons that create this game has extreme quality, even incorporates tools that had not I have not seen in any other games. The aspect at the height of the Gameplay distributes as follows:


Something I’m extremely interested in  GOB is the incorporation of the automate shot. Getting into account that it’s normally somewhat boring in device will little screens shoot. Aim and move at the similar time, the automate attack solves this issue. Because we just need move and aim, since auto when aiming at our things, character will strike automatically. To move we’ll have to roll with the finger the lower part of display, to aim at our shooting targets and to orient our view. We’ll have to move with little finger lower part of the mobile screen, and in case the auto shot is not active, the lower right trigger key will be added.


The theme of the game is to kill our enemies as-often-as possible without dying. As-far every murder we make we’ll take points to the game bar. The bar of the game represents the score that every team has achieved, in that there are a minimum score and a max scores. There also being a time period to done it. In a case we complete the bar, the team with top scores at the end of the game wins.


If we wish a game with which to kill a moment of free time, kill a few unforgettable moments. Or simply we’re of those people who apply our Smart devices to move away from reality and release tension. This Guns of Boom made for us.  A few expectations that I have that changes will be applied help enhanced the gameplay and quality of graphics. As well often officials have announced release stating they’re working on the improvement of the video game. Something which inspires a lot of confidence since it’s something that’s not seen very often in any other game.

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