Guns of Boom are hugely famous mobile phone multiplayer FPS shooter, possibly the best one for Android and iOS. Recently the creator of the game has released a new update of the game; in this update, the developer had released a new AR (Augmented Reality) spectator mode.

In this mode, I was capable to become a watcher of random matches between 2 teams. I first made the map on the surface; the application detected the surface extremely fast using Apple’s ARKit. A moment later I was previously seeing groups fighting alongside each other.

I’d enlarge the value of the level applying pinch gesture; I could not rotate it though. In its place of, I just applied the device to rotate and move around the map. It was such an outstanding experience. In the games like Holo Grid: Monster Battle AR and The Machines I was so amazed at see a few other guy moving 3D objects indoor my room. Nut this one only blew me away I was thrilled.

Watch other Guns of Boom Gameplay

This tech is just unreal; I mean this thing which you can do with it. I have spent a huge time watching other gamers playing along with each other. I’d enter the building by only moving my iPad very close to the action. I could see other gamers stalking in the corners and seeing other flanking them from behind. This is truly a fantastic experience, actually diff than anything I have experienced earlier than.


This is the most amazing viewing experience to joy an esport game like that. You can also see the games names, their total skills, clan affiliation, and assists and their complete score. There’s also an icon on the right-hand side which shows you which weapon they’re using. At the peak of your Smart device, you can see the match score; match remaining matches and how many viewers are seeing.

The map that I have seen are just Wow, this definitely improves the viewing experience, I just saw on FPS game on those maps. There’s a choice to show & hide UI just in the case you do not wish the UI to interfere with the watching experience, it is quite a wide so sometimes I only in favored to hide it and only enjoy the match.

For me, this is an amazing idea and it works so amazingly. I did not notice any jittering and lags.  I was great and perfect, no issues whatsoever. Guns of boom hack is also available in this site. Just navigate the menu bar then you will find the page.

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